Saturday, December 8, 2012

Featured Vendor: Precious Petal Preservation

Precious Petal Preservation will preserve your bouquet and creatively place it in a unique frame or display case of your choice. This extraordinary display will become a key centerpiece in your home, filling it with love, joy, and happy memories for years to come. 

Precious Petal Preservation is an independent, small business located in Southern California about 30 miles from the Los Angeles area. Their primary focus is to preserve and design quality keepsakes from the flowers and items you cherish. We use the latest freeze-drying techniques and the most advanced treatments in the flower preservation industry to achieve the best possible results. 

After experiencing the joy of planning and creating their own wedding, they wanted to preserve the feeling of such a happy occasion for everyone. The mother and daughter team now try to capture that moment for you with each special arrangement that they receive. 

Brides are urged to plan now to preserve their flowers and have them picked up while they are still fresh. Just give Precious Petal a call prior to your wedding day and leave the details to them. 

Your keepsake display can include almost any memories that would personalize your occasion. From invitations, favors, pictures, candles, glasses, to tiaras and boutonnieres. The creative possibilities are endless…

Come see them at the Bridal Premiere on January 13th at the Westlake Hyatt. Click here for more information.

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