Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Photo Booths

Nothing is more fun than a photo booth at a special event, such as your wedding! Come check them out at the Bridal Premiere at the Westlake Hyatt on Sunday, January 12, 2014 Click here to purchase tickets to the show. Buying online instead of at the door gives you a discount.

Photo FX Booth
Fx Photo Booth brings state of the art technology, like HD viewing monitors, customizable green screen backgrounds, and instant emailing and social media uploads to the antiquated world of traditional photo booths.Photo FX Booth also provides up to 5 custom advertising side panels, perfect for Corporate Events, Holiday Parties, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, School Homecomings and Proms or Birthdays.

Once guests are inside the photo booth, they can get as wacky, silly, unique, outrageous, and hilarious as they can be! And the best part about it, their priceless expressions in the booth will be the life of the party. So CA Photo Lounge benefits include: Up to 10 people in the picture, booth is like a lounge, booths can be customized to match your decorations, and delivery and setup is included.  Don’t miss the fun of a photo booth at your special event.

In the Pix
At In the Pix, you can choose between two styles to fit your event:  The open style booth is the most popular because it can photograph between 1 and 10 or more people at a time.  All of the photo action can be seen by guests gathered around the booth creating a fun and engaging experience for spectators and participants. The enclosed style photographs one to four guests for a more candid photo session.

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